Passport Size Photo for Egypt eVisa

For an Egypt Visa application, ensure all necessary documents are prepared. This includes providing passport-size photos among the required items.

Photo Guidelines

When submitting your photo for Egypt eVisa, kindly ensure it meets the following specifications:

  • Dimensions - The image should measure 4.5 x 3.5 cm 
  • Colour - The photograph must be in full colour
  • Gaze - Eyes visible, looking directly at the camera
  • Recency - Taken within the last 6 months
  • Background - Plain white background 
  • Expression - Neutral expression, no smiling
  • Ears - Ears fully visible
  • Clarity – Not blurry or grainy
  • Eyewear - Glasses are allowed if eyes are visible
  • Headwear - Religious headwear may be worn
  • Attire - Avoid white clothing
  • Facial Hair - Any beard or moustache should reflect daily appearance

Guide to Egypt Visa Photo Size Requirements

Guide to Egypt Visa Photo Size Requirements

Essential Guidelines for Egypt eVisa Photos

To ensure your visa photos meet all necessary specifications, kindly follow these guidelines when capturing your image:

  • Photo Backdrop - Stand in front of a plain white wall with no shadows or light glare. A pinned sheet can suffice. 
  • Camera Position - Take the photo at eye level with the camera centred on your face. 
  • Facial Expression - Maintain a neutral, non-smiling expression with your mouth closed.
  • Gaze - Look straight into the camera with eyes fully visible. 
  • Glasses - If needed, glasses may be worn but should not obscure eyes. 
  • Headwear - No hats or head coverings unless required by religious mandates.
  • Lighting - Position a light source in front or to the sides to illuminate your face clearly without shadows.
  • Everyday Likeness - Any facial hair or eyeglasses should match your daily appearance.
  • Framing - The image must show full front view of the face from top-of-forehead to bottom-of-chin.

Following these best practices will help streamline getting a properly formatted passport photo that meets all size, background, exposure, framing and appearance regulations.

Essential Tips for Infant and Child Visa Photos

Passport-size photos are required for minors of all ages. When capturing images of babies, toddlers, and young children, kindly follow these guidelines:

  1. Framing – Compose an image to showcase the child’s head and shoulders at the centre, occupying majority of frame.
  2. Background – Plain white backdrop without shadows, patterns, or objects. White sheet can be used.
  3. Expression – Natural relaxed face with eyes open and looking towards camera.
  4. Attire – Clothing should not obscure face or features. Hats and accessories should be removed.
  5. Child Positioning – Awake children can stand or be seated. Infants can lay comfortably with plain white blanket underneath.
  6. Additional Subjects – Only the child applying for passport/visa should appear in photograph. No parents or siblings.

Meeting general passport-size photo specifications while making some allowances for capturing infants and toddlers in safe, comfortable positions will help streamline your visa application. Re-take if the photo does not meet regulations.


The standard size for Egyptian visa photos is 45mm x 35mm with a glossy finish. Your head should be sized between 30-36mm from chin to crown.

You should have a neutral facial expression with your mouth closed. Avoid smiling or frowning. Your face should be well lit with eyes open and clearly visible.

Dark or busy patterns in hair or clothing can detract from facial features, so aim for simplicity. Your face shape should be clearly visible without any hair over your eyes or ears.

Yes, religious head coverings are allowed in Egyptian passport and visa photos, as long they do not obscure your facial features. Your face must be clearly visible from your forehead down to your chin.

Yes, you may wear your everyday eyeglasses in Egyptian visa and passport photos. Just ensure there is no glare obscuring your eyes, and remove sunglasses or tinted lenses.