Online Visa Requirements for UK Citizens in Egypt

British citizens can now conveniently apply for an online visa (eVisa) for Egypt, streamlining the application process. This page provides comprehensive details on eVisa requirements, application steps, and processing times, ensuring a smooth journey to Egypt from the UK.

Egypt Visa Requirements for British Citizens

British citizens must obtain an Egyptian visa for entry. 

UK passport holders may qualify for an online Egypt eVisa, depending on the purpose and length of their visit.

British visitors can remain in Egypt for up to 30 days with the eVisa. Both single and multi-entry options exist.

For non-tourism reasons, an alternative Egyptian visa is obligatory to enter Egypt from the UK for over 30 days.

Acquiring Egyptian Tourist Visas for British Citizens

There are three methods for British citizens to obtain Egyptian tourist visas:

  • Online eVisa System (Recommended)

The optimal approach is applying online for an Egypt eVisa, which approves eligible applicants digitally in advance. eVisas allow securing visa access before departure from the UK, provides faster/simpler processing than other options, and spare visiting the embassy.

  • Egypt Visa on Arrival 

British visitors can attempt to acquire a visa upon landing at Egyptian airports. However, approval occurs at the discretion of immigration officers, so pre-approval isn't guaranteed. Visa-on-arrival lines also tend to move slower. This method only allows single-entry access.

  • In-Person Application at the Egyptian Embassy

UK residents can apply for an Egyptian tourist visa at the embassy in London. This requires booking an appointment, appearing in person with paperwork for submission/review, and passport delivery/retrieval. Processing can take 7+ days. Multiple entries are available, but the process is more demanding.

How to Obtain an Egypt eVisa for British Citizens

British visitors are urged to pursue Egyptian tourist eVisas digitally beforehand. Simply finish the application form online and pay fees to receive email confirmation.

Step 1: Complete Egypt eVisa Request for UK Citizens

Access the tailored Egypt eVisa application for British citizens on legitimate provider websites. Submit key information like passport data, travel plans, and contact details. Ensure all details match your passport.

Step 2: Validate and Pay eVisa Fees

Double-check your application data, then utilise the secure payment gateway to pay Egypt eVisa costs with debit/credit cards or PayPal. Transaction receipts automatically generate.

Step 3: Get Approved eVisa Via Email

Once your payment is confirmed and information screened, you'll receive your approved Egypt eVisavia the email you provided in the application, usually within 1-3 days for British citizens. Save the PDF and print a copy for your records.

Obtaining Egyptian Visas On Arrival for UK Citizens

If unable or prefer not to complete the eVisa application beforehand, British visitors can pursue Egyptian travel visas upon landing. However, the visa on arrival requires paying cash application fees in U.S. dollars as debit/credit cards are not accepted.

To prevent airport delays, experts encourage finishing the easy online eVisa process before departing the UK.

Seeking Egyptian Visas at the Embassies

A significant eVisa advantage is bypassing embassy/consulate visits and visa-on-arrival lines through fully online applications. Since the entire process occurs digitally, applicants need not be in the UK while applying.

British citizens only need to apply directly through the embassies when staying over 30 days or for non-tourism purposes. Otherwise, the streamlined eVisa suitably covers admission.



Obtaining Egyptian Visas On Arrival for UK Citizens

Seeking Egyptian Visas at the Embassies

Application Method

Visa on arrival

Online eVisa application

Location of Application

Airport upon arrival

Online from anywhere

Payment Method

Cash in U.S. dollars

Credit/debit card

Processing Time

Upon arrival

Before departure


Up to 30 days, tourism purposes

Over 30 days or non-tourism purposes


Apply online beforehand to avoid airport delays

Apply online for convenience and skip queues

Egyptian Visa Processing Timeframes for British Applicants

The quickest approach for British citizens to obtain Egyptian access is through online eVisa requests, which commonly get approved within 24 hours. At most, eVisa decisions require 72 hours.

Conversely, embassy visa applications prove more complicated, necessitating initiations weeks pre-travel. In-person submissions undergo extensive reviews, English translations if needed, administrative processing, and physical passport transport. Realistically, these require 7-15+ days, and delays could leave travellers unable to visit Egypt as planned if arranged at the last minute.

Single and Multiple Entry Egyptian eVisas for British Travellers

Two key Egyptian eVisa variants exist. The single-entry version permits one Egyptian access for up to 30 days maximum. 

The multiple-entry option enables recurring Egyptian entries over 6 months after the initial visit. Each stay can also be at most 30 days, though.

Egyptian Transit Visa Necessity for UK Citizens

If transitioning to your final destination within 48 hours, British citizens need not obtain dedicated Egypt transit visas.

For connections lasting 6 to 48 hours, you may exit the airport freely during that window. Under 6-hour layovers require remaining airside until boarding outbound flights.

Prerequisites for Egypt eVisas Among British Applicants 

To pursue Egypt eVisas, British citizens must satisfy all document requirements and thoroughly complete online applications. Be prepared to specify lodging details plus answer health/background queries. Critically examine all responses as inaccuracies can prompt visa denial. 

Registering with the British Embassy While Visiting Egypt

- UK citizens travelling to Egypt are advised to enrol with the British Embassy in Cairo. 

- Although most trips are trouble-free, registration prepares you for emergencies.

- Registered Brits get the latest Egypt safety/security updates for travel planning.

- The embassy can contact and aid registered travellers during exceptional situations like natural disasters. 

- Registration also helps families reach you urgently if an emergency occurs back home.

- You can register when applying for an Egypt eVisa through accredited sites.

- Opt-in to enrol on the payment page.

Required Entry Documents for British Travelers Visiting Egypt

British travellers to Egypt must adhere to specific entry requirements, ensuring they have the documents for a smooth journey and stay.



Required Documents

- UK passport valid for at least 6 months <br> - Valid Egyptian Visa


Immigration authorities have the right to grant or deny entry upon document verification.

eVisa Entry Points

All ports of entry (land, sea, air)

Popular Airports

- Cairo - Sharm El-Sheik - Hurghada

Flight Routes

Daily flights from major UK cities (London, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Birmingham)

Direct Flight Duration

5-7 hours

Flight Duration with Stopovers

Up to 10-12 hours

British Tourist Statistics

The number of visits increased from 59,000 in 2021 to 267,000 in 2022 (Source: Statista)


You need the following documents to apply for an Egypt eVisa as a UK citizen:

  • A valid UK passport
  • Passport photo
  • Travel itinerary details
  • Debit/credit card to pay the visa fee

The Egypt eVisa allows UK citizens to stay up to 30 days per entry. You can apply for a single or multiple-entry eVisa valid for 6 months.

If you have applied for a multiple-entry Egypt eVisa as a UK passport holder, you can exit and re-enter Egypt multiple times within the 6-month validity period.

Yes, all applicants, regardless of nationality, need to pay an Egypt eVisa fee. The costs depend on whether you need rush/express service.

Most British citizens get approved for the Egypt eVisa in 24 hours or less. At most, approval may take up to 72 hours if further verification is needed. Applying at least 3 days in advance is best.