Check Egypt e-Visa Application Status

Foreigners visiting Egypt need a tourist visa, best acquired through a convenient online platform. The online process allows applicants to easily monitor their eVisa application status, eliminating needing in-person consulate visits or on-arrival visa queues. Furthermore, email notifications inform candidates about application status changes, enhancing the overall process.

Egypt eVisa: Application Steps and Status Notifications

The Egypt eVisa application involves three key steps:

  • Completing the online application form: Start the process by filling out the Egypt eVisa application form.
  • Paying fees and submitting the application: Once the form is completed, pay the required eVisa fees and submit the application for review at the same website.
  • Receiving the eVisa decision: Applicants will await the decision on their eVisa, whether approved or denied, communicated through the same platform.

Egypt eVisa Application: Status and Processing Explained

Navigating the Egypt eVisa application process? Our concise guide provides clarity on status and processing, ensuring a seamless experience. You can check your application status on this page. For real-time updates on your application, click here to check Egypt Visa application status




Action Required


You've completed the online form and uploaded documents.


Check your email for confirmation.

Visa Pending

Your application is being reviewed by Egyptian authorities.

Up to 5 business days

Wait for status updates.

Information Request (Optional)

Additional documents may be needed to complete the review.


Respond promptly to email requests.


Congratulations! Your eVisa is ready.

Varies based on processing progress.

Download and print your eVisa.


Unfortunately, your application was not approved.

Varies based on reasons for denial.

Contact authorities for clarification (optional).

Additional Information:

  • Document Requirements: Ensure you have a valid passport, digital photo, proof of travel, and any requested additional documents.
  • Email communication: Check your email regularly for updates and respond promptly to requests for information.
  • Printed eVisa: Download and print your approved eVisa to present with your passport when entering Egypt.
  • Travel Dates: Ensure your eVisa is valid for your planned stay in Egypt.
  • Official Resources: Refer to the Egypt eVisa website for further information and updates.

Tips for a Smooth Process:

  • Double-check your application details for accuracy before submitting.
  • Allow enough time for processing before your travel date.
  • Have all required documents readily available and in the correct format.
  • Consider using a visa assistance service for additional support (optional).

Understanding Egypt eVisa Denials and Checking Application Status

Navigating Egypt eVisa denials and monitoring your application status is crucial for a smooth travel process. Let's explore the reasons behind denials and the steps to check your application status.

  • Approval Timeline and Confirmation

After an Egypt eVisa application is submitted, the standard timeline for approval is within a few days. Once approved, the applicant receives a confirmation email containing the validated electronic visa document. This eVisa can then be printed and carried out for entry into Egypt. 

  • Reasons for Visa Denials 

While most applications get approved quickly, some may face denial due to common errors. Reasons can include incorrect or incomplete information entered into the application form. Photos that do not meet precise specifications can also lead to visa rejection. Applicants are notified by email explaining the exact reason for refusal.

  • Requirements for Resubmission

If an Egypt eVisa application gets denied, the applicant can correct the issues outlined in the refusal notification email before resubmitting. This may require updating information, changing passport details, or uploading a new photo that adheres to guidelines. Meeting all requirements boosts the chances for approval on resubmission.

  • Checking Application Status 

If an applicant does not receive any notification email within 72 hours after submission, you can manually check their Egypt eVisa status. An online contact form requires entering the applicant's full name, passport country and number, and email address used on the visa application. Responses may take up to 72 hours.

  • Importance of Early Submission

Given potential processing delays or application issues, experts recommend submitting Egypt eVisa requests at least a few days before the intended entry date into the country. This provides some buffer in case corrections or clarifications need to be made. Rushing submission often increases the chances of errors or running out of time.

Contacting Customer Service

The status can be verified online for applicants who have not received an update on their Egypt eVisa application after five days. 

Simply complete an online contact form, providing your full name, passport, country, number, and email address. Choose "I want to check the status of my submitted application" as the reason for your query. 

Our customer service team will respond within 72 hours after form submission. It's essential to note that this option is exclusively available for those who applied for the Egypt eVisa through our website.


To check your e-Visa status, fill out the online contact form on our website, providing your full name, passport details, and email address. Choose "I want to check the status of my submitted application" as the reason.

If you haven't received an update after five days, it's advisable to check the status online using the provided contact form.

This service is available exclusively for applicants who submitted their e-Visa application through our website.

You need to provide your full name, passport country and number, email address, and select "I want to check the status of my submitted application" as the reason.

You can expect to hear back from our customer service team within 72 hours after submitting the online contact form.