Egypt Visa on Arrival for US Citizens

The Visa on Arrival service for tourists, including US citizens, has been discontinued by Egypt. In its place, the country has introduced an e-Visa platform, streamlining the visa application process with an online approach. This move is part of an initiative to modernise the visa application process and diminish the necessity of in-person visits to embassies or consulates.

Available Alternatives for an Egypt Visa for US Citizens

Discover the various alternatives for US citizens to obtain an Egypt visa, catering to different travel needs and purposes. Explore the options that best suit your requirements, from electronic visas to traditional embassy options.

  • Egypt Single-Entry E Visa

The Egypt Single-Entry E Visa is designed for tourists seeking short stays, primarily for tourism purposes. It allows a single entry into Egypt during its validity, expiring upon the traveller's exit, regardless of the duration of the stay.

  • Egypt Multiple-Entry E Visa

The Egypt Multiple-Entry E Visa is suitable for frequent travellers to Egypt, allowing multiple entries without needing a new visa each time. This option is ideal for individuals visiting Egypt regularly for various reasons, such as work or holidays.

  • Egypt Tourist Visa

The Embassy Tourist Visa is a conventional visa option for travellers, obtainable through an embassy or consulate before embarking on the journey to Egypt. This visa type follows the traditional application process.

  • Egypt Transit Visa

The Egypt Transit Visa is granted to individuals passing through Egypt en route to a different final destination. This visa is not intended for those planning an extended stay in Egypt but for those with Egypt as a stopover or layover during their travel.

Applying for an Egypt Visa Online from the USA

For US citizens intending to travel to Egypt for tourism, the preferred method is to apply for the Egypt online visa. Ensure you have a copy of your passport bio page to initiate the process. The application can be submitted through the official Egypt e-visa portal or the official portal.

Diverse Types of Egypt Visas

Explore the diverse array of Egypt visas tailored to meet the specific needs of different visitors, from tourists and business travellers to students and long-term residents. Find the right visa option for your purpose and enjoy a seamless entry into Egypt.

Visa Type



Additional Notes

Tourist Visa

Sightseeing & Exploration

Up to 30 days

Single or multiple-entry options

Transit Visa

Airport layovers

12-48 hours

Allows exiting the airport for short stays

Business Visa

Business meetings & events

Valid for specific event duration

May require additional documentation

Student Visa

Academic studies

Varies depending on the program

Specific requirements for length of stay

Work Visa

Employment in Egypt

Linked to work permit

Employer sponsorship is often required

Diplomatic & Official Visa

Official government visits

Varies depending on the status

Issued through foreign office channels

Residence Visa

Long-term stay in Egypt

Varies depending on the purpose

Extensive documentation necessary


Convenient online visa for tourism & short visits

Up to 30 days

Simplifies application process

Multiple-Entry Visa

Repeat visits to Egypt

180 days validity

Ideal for frequent travellers

Essential Tips for Obtaining a Tourist Visa in Egypt

For a smooth visa application process, adhere to these crucial tips:

  • Early Submission: As Egyptian authorities recommend, submit your application at least 14 days before your intended travel date.
  • Non-Refundable Processing Fee: Note that the Egypt Visa processing fee, also known as the application fee, is non-refundable.
  • Complete Applications: Ensure all details are provided correctly, as incomplete Egypt Visa applications will be promptly declined.
  • Entry Guarantee: Having an e-Visa doesn't guarantee entry; compliance with entry regulations is essential.
  • Legal Work Documentation: Strictly avoid engaging in business or work without the proper permit; ensure you have the correct documentation.
  • Prompt e-Visa Arrival: Expect to receive your Egypt e-Visa within two working days for efficient processing.
  • Individual Adult Applications: Each adult traveller must apply for an e-Visa individually, while parents can apply on behalf of their minors through their accounts.

Necessary Travel Documents for Entry into Egypt

Upon arrival in Egypt, immigration authorities will request the following documents: a passport or any valid travel document with a minimum validity of six months from the entry date, an approved visa, a travel itinerary outlining planned locations to visit in Egypt, a support letter if required (for business or visiting family and friends), confirmation of accommodation like hotel or Airbnb bookings, and mandatory travel insurance covering suggested amount. Atlys can assist in obtaining the necessary travel insurance. Recognising these are general requirements is crucial, and one should verify visa requirements before applying.

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No, Egypt no longer offers visas upon arrival. Travellers must apply for an e-Visa or another type of visa before their journey.

Egypt offers various visas, including tourist visas, business visas, student visas, and more. Travellers need to choose the type of visa that suits their purpose.

To apply for an e-Visa, visit the official Egypt e-visa portal or use a trusted platform like. Fill out the online application, upload required documents, pay the fees, and await approval.

Typically, you'll need a valid passport, a digital photo, and details about your travel plans. Specific requirements may vary, so check the official guidelines before applying.

The processing time for an e-Visa is usually within a few days, with options for expedited processing available for an additional fee. It's advisable to apply well in advance of your travel date.