Egypt e-Visa Fees and Charges Summary

The government has introduced the Egypt e-Visa to simplify the travel process for tourists. The updated system aims to enhance the visa application procedure, making it more straightforward, secure, and efficient.

To secure an Egypt e-Visa, tourists must pay a designated tourist fee. Understanding that a visa is a prerequisite for most nationalities entering Egypt is crucial.

Egypt e-Visa Types and Costs for Tourists

For tourists planning a visit to Egypt, obtaining an e-Visa is a requisite, and the process can be completed online. The overall cost of an Egypt e-Visa comprises both a government fee and a processing fee, making it notably affordable compared to other global visa options.

Two main types of tourist e-Visas are available for foreign visitors: single-entry and multiple-entry. The cost of an Egypt e-Visa is influenced by factors such as the type of visa, the traveller's nationality, and any additional services selected. If embassy registration is required, an additional fee will apply.

Differential Pricing for Egypt e-Visa Types

The pricing disparity between single-entry and multiple-entry Egypt e-Visas is attributed to their distinct features. The single-entry e-Visa, priced lower, limits the traveller to a single visit. 

In contrast, the multiple-entry visa, which has a higher cost, allows for multiple entries to Egypt, offering increased flexibility and convenience.


Single Entry

Multiple Entry




Number of Entries

One allows for a single visit to Egypt

Unlimited allows for multiple entries within the visa validity period

Validity period

30 days from the date of entry

180 days from the date of issuance

Ideal for

Travellers with a planned single visit to Egypt

Travellers planning multiple trips to Egypt within the visa validity period

Best value for

Budget-conscious travellers with a straightforward itinerary

Frequent travellers or those with flexible travel plans

Uniform Visa Fees for Adults and Children in Egypt

The visa fee for an Egypt e-Visa remains the same for all applicants, regardless of age. Parents or guardians completing the application on behalf of their children are obligated to pay the identical processing fee for each visa application.

Egypt Visa Application Payment Process

To ensure prompt processing of the e-Visa and avoid delays, applicants are required to make the payment for the Egypt e-Visa when filling out the application. When submitting the application form, payment should be made using a credit or debit card. Verifying that the payment is successfully processed is crucial, as the application cannot be submitted without a confirmed payment.

  • Accepted Payment Options for Egypt e-Visa Application

When submitting an application for an Egypt e-Visa, you can pay the application fee using your debit or credit card. If you face any challenges during the application or payment process, please contact us for assistance.


The Egypt e-Visa involves a government fee and a processing fee, both contributing to the overall cost.

No, there are no discounts offered for the Egypt e-Visa; the fee structure remains consistent for all applicants.

Yes, the Egypt e-Visa fee is uniform for all applicants, regardless of age.

Yes, you can conveniently pay the application fee with a range of accepted methods, including credit cards like American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

If you encounter any difficulties or issues with the application or payment process, feel free to reach out to us for prompt assistance and guidance.