Egypt Transit Visa

Obtaining an Egyptian transit visa may be necessary when transiting through Egypt during international travel. Most travellers with short stays en route to another destination require this visa. To ensure a smooth arrival, verifying the need for a transit visa before your journey is crucial.

Obtain an Egypt e-Visa Online for Stopovers or Connecting Flights

Travellers who satisfy Egypt's electronic visa conditions can easily acquire an e-Visa to utilise during a layover or transfer in Egypt. The e-Visa serves tourists transiting through Egypt or stopping briefly between flights. 

Many visitors with the intention of passing through Egypt opt to secure an online Egyptian visa before leaving home. Applying online dodges the inconvenience of visiting an embassy and managing paperwork face-to-face.

Purpose of an Egypt Transit Visa

An Egypt transit visa grants temporary access for travellers passing through the country. It permits a short stay to transfer between modes of transport and proceed to one's ultimate destination. When a passenger plans to switch flights (or other transit methods) while in Egypt amid travel to another location, they may be required to get an Egypt transit visa for legal entry beyond the airport to connect trips.

Is an Egypt Transit Visa Necessary?

Whether a transit visa is mandatory for Egypt depends on nationality and intended layover duration. For instance, Iranian people must obtain a transit visa no matter the time between flights. Travellers of nationalities requiring permits without an Egypt transit visa may face penalties. Thus, having the proper paperwork is critical. 

Countries Allowed to Transit Egypt Visa-Free

There are exemptions to Egypt's transit visa requirements. Citizens of the following 9 countries can enter Egypt without a visa during transit:

- Bahrain

- Hong Kong 

- Kuwait

- Lebanon

- Macao

- Malaysia 

- Oman

- Saudi Arabia

- United Arab Emirates

Additional exceptions apply to holders of certain countries' diplomatic, official, service, and special passports.

Visa Requirements for Transit at Major Egyptian Airports

Numerous passengers can spend a limited time at key airports in Egypt without a visa while waiting for connecting flights. This applies to Cairo Airport, for example. 

Layover Duration

Visa Required?

Passengers Who Must Stay Airside


Under 6 hours

No (Cairo Airport only)

Afghans, Lebanese, Palestinians, Filipinos

- Most nationalities can access airport amenities like shops and restaurants. - Passengers with connecting flights exceeding 6 hours will need a visa.

6-48 hours

No (eligible nationalities only)


- Eligible nationalities can leave the airport and explore the surrounding area. - Check the official Egyptian visa website for a list of eligible nationalities

Over 48 hours



- A transit visa is required for layovers exceeding 48 hours or disembarking for more than 48 hours. - Transit visas can be obtained online or upon arrival at the airport (conditions may apply).

Additional Notes:

  • This table applies to major Egyptian airports, including Cairo Airport.
  • Passengers with a confirmed onward flight ticket and valid passports can usually pass through immigration.
  • Specific requirements and eligible nationalities may change, so always check the latest information with the official Egyptian authorities before your trip.

Obtaining an Egypt Transit Visa

The most straightforward approach to secure an Egypt or Cairo transit visa is through the simplified electronic visa (eVisa) application. 

The eVisa enables travellers to skip in-person visits to embassies/consulates and can be completed online from anywhere globally.

Other visa types exist for foreign visitors, like the Egypt visa on arrival. However, this option has disadvantages, including the need to wait in lines at the border to apply and its restriction to a single entry.

Prerequisites for an Egypt Transit Visa

To obtain an Egypt transit visa online, travellers only need to have a few key documents. The requirements are:

  • A valid passport from an eligible nation
  • A valid onward ticket showing travel plans 
  • A credit/debit card to pay transit visa fees
  • A current email address to receive the approved visa

Once granted, applicants should print the transit visa. To enter the country, you can display this paperwork at Egyptian border checkpoints with your passport and onward ticket.

Processing Time for an Egyptian Transit eVisa

Acquiring an electronic visa for transit is considerably quicker than obtaining a transit visa from an Egyptian embassy.

Online applications take just minutes to complete and up to 3 days for approval.

Transit visa requests at an embassy involve travel, extensive paperwork, and potentially a week or more for issuance.


The main options are the Egypt eVisa, visa on arrival, and transit visa. The eVisa can be obtained easily online prior to travel. The visa on arrival can be acquired upon airport arrival in Egypt. The transit visa allows short airport layovers without needing to clear immigration.

An Egypt eVisa permit stays up to 30 days for tourism and business. It is valid for single or multiple entries within that period.

If your layover is under 48 hours, you can enter Egypt without a visa as long as you remain in the airport. If leaving the airport during that time, an eVisa or transit visa is required.

Citizens of Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Sri Lanka and a few other countries need a transit visa for any layover requiring leaving the airport, regardless of duration.

Yes, many nationalities are eligible for a visa on arrival when they land at Cairo International Airport. However, approval is at the discretion of immigration officers. Applying online for an e-Visa ahead of time is recommended.