Streamlined Egypt E-Visa Process for Indians

Indian nationals visiting Egypt must obtain a business or tourist e-visa, available online for streamlined entry. Applying through the official online platform or the government portal is mandatory, with the latter applicable for group travellers with an approved tourist agent.

Key Information on Egypt's Electronic Visa Program

The Egypt electronic visa serves as an official travel permit for entry, representing online versions of standard tourist and business access documents. This streamlined e-visa allows for exploring iconic sites or attending work meetings.

Indian citizens can submit Egypt visa requests digitally, bypassing in-person embassy/consulate appointments. Once approved, the e-visa gets emailed for printing and display to officers upon arrival.

The e-visa enables Indians 30 days maximum per entry for tourism or commerce. It delivers a modern, simplified method for securing requisite documents.

Varieties of Egypt Visas for Indian Nationals

Indian citizens can opt for Single-entry or Multiple-entry Egyptian e-visas, each valid for 90 days, accommodating tourism and business needs. For details on long-term visas, contact the nearest Egyptian embassy.





Single-entry Egypt visa

Single Entry

30 days

Tourist visa, Business visa

Multiple-entry Egypt visa

Multiple Entry

Within 6 months

Tourist visa, Business visa

Egypt E-Visa Application Documents Required for Indian Citizens

Indian applicants must provide specific necessary paperwork when seeking Egyptian access, including:

-Valid Passport: Having 6+ months validity post-travel with 2 blank pages. Recently issued within 10 years.

-Itinerary/Tickets: Showing complete trip dates and entry/exit plans.

-Invitation Letter: From Egyptian hosts whether business/family visits. 

-Accommodation Details: Hotel bookings and sightseeing intentions.

Since Egypt e-visas allow online submissions, required documents get digitally uploaded, namely:

-E-Passport Copy: Legible passport data page showing validity and blank pages.

-Passport Photos: 2 recent colour images on a white backdrop in specified digital formats (JPG/PNG) and maximum 512 KB size. 

Applying for Egypt Visa Online

Securing an Egyptian visa for Indians is a quick and uncomplicated process. Follow these steps for the online application:

  • Review Information: Before making the payment, ensure all information is accurate. Our visa experts recommend a double-check. Proceed to pay the e-visa fee using any credit or debit card.
  • Upload Documents and Submit: Upload the required documents and submit the application. The process is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience for Indian travellers.

Egypt E-Visa Turnaround Alternatives for Indians

Whether seeking Egyptian access for tourism or business, Indian applicants can choose among different processing speeds for single and multiple entry requests:

  • Single-Entry

Standard - Approved within 6 days at a lower price

Rush - Approved within 4 days for urgent trips at a relatively fair price

Super Rush - Approved within 3 days for most urgent situations at a slightly higher price

  • Multiple-Entry

Standard - Approved within 6 days at a lower price

Rush - Approved within 4 days for repeat trips at a relatively fair price

Super Rush - Approved within 3 days for urgent repeat visits at a slightly higher price

Carefully assess upcoming travel dates and select the appropriate rapid processing pathway when applying. Standard suffices for most well-planned vacations or business activities. Rush or Super Rush better serve last-minute or emergency entries.

Top Sights and Activities For Your Egyptian Itinerary

Finalising your Egypt trip plans? Take advantage of these remarkable destinations and landmarks when arranging your sightseeing schedule!

  • Luxor

This "world's largest open-air museum" was home to New Kingdom pharaohs, with unique sites like museums, eateries, shops, and famous attractions, including the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and Hatshepsut's Memorial Temple. Luxor also offers spectacular hot air balloon rides over temples at sunrise.

  • Cairo

As Egypt's capital, Cairo blends urban energy with age-old complexes spanning from Mameluke-era mosques to the historic Khan el-Khalili shopping bazaar. Other highlights are the intricate Al-Azhar and Sultan Hassan mosques alongside the mediaeval Bab Zuweila gate. 

  • Alexandria

Founded by Alexander the Great, the ancient port city of Alexandria still evokes its influential past despite the few remaining ruins. Bibliotheca Alexandrina today drives progress as a contemporary landmark, supplemented by Alexandria's Antiquities and Manuscript Museums recalling Cleopatra's stomping grounds.

Comprehensive Support for Your Egypt Visa Journey

Using the online platform, we prioritise simplifying your travel experience. Our dedicated customer supportteam is available 24/7. Whether you have an urgent question about your Egypt e-Visa in the middle of the night or need assistance, feel free to chat with us on our website or email us. We are here to assist you at any time.


The streamlined Egypt e-Visa process for Indians involves completing an online application form with personal details, selecting a processing time, reviewing the information, making the payment, and uploading necessary documents before submission.

Yes, the Egypt e-Visa for Indians is versatile, covering both tourist and business purposes. You can choose the appropriate category during the application process.

There are three processing time options: Standard Processing (6 days), Rush Processing (4 days), and Super Rush Processing (3 days). Choose the one that aligns with your travel plans.

The Egypt e-Visa for Indians, whether for single or multiple entries, is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. It serves as both a tourist and business visa.

Absolutely. The online platform provides 24/7 customer support. You can reach out through our website's chat or email if you have questions about the application processing times or need assistance at any stage.